Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Portable shade sails are great for picnics

Umbrella is sometimes not adequate when large family goes out for a picnic. Besides, the tool comes with a large rod which makes it not much convenient for carrying on an excursion. Portable shade sails can prove to be a very helpful in such a situation.

Why portable shade sail is ideal to be carried on a picnic?

Occupies small space

A shade sail spreading over a larger area can be folded into a smaller shape. It can be accommodated in a bag. You can also carry ropes and collapsible rods easily.

Covers lager area

Outdoor sun shade covers a large surface area. So, more number of people can be accumulated under it. On the other hand, umbrella doesn’t offer so much of coverage.

Available in various interesting and colorful designs

The tool is available in wide range of designs and colors. You can buy rectangular, square, triangular shapes. You can also the fabric shade designs as per your preference. Triangular sails are recommended for out excursions as you need only three fixing points to install it.

Apart from the above factors, outdoor shade sails are quite affordable. They also last for years and can be installed in garden and rooftop at home. 

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