Thursday, 5 February 2015

Need For Outdoor Sun Protection

sun shade sails

Most of us are aware of the fact that there is an atmospheric layer over the Earth’s surface that has the capacity to absorb all harmful electromagnetic radiation from the sun. The development of a small hole in the Ozone layer has had a huge impact on the Earth’s ecology. About 6 percent of the sun’s harmful radiation reaches the Earth’s surface and is impacting life forms in more negative ways than we can imagine.

Evolution and innovation has been a way of nature since time immemorial. Man keeps experimenting and creating stuff to combat or control natural forces. Latest technology enables us to create eco-safe outdoor spaces that are radiation free. That definitely is a giant intellectual leap!

Man has formulated potions from chemicals to create what we generally refer to as UV Inhibitors. These in actuality are ultra violet radiation absorbing substances. People are designing, fabricating and installing sun shade sails for sun protection. Shade fabrics or materials used for creating outdoor overhead sails generally come with UV inhibitor coating. As Americans and people around the world become aware and more sensitive to the problems of sun exposure, these tools will play a major role.

Children especially require extra protection. Most schools, educational institutions and play centers are installing sails. That overexposure to radiation can cause cancer is a major reason why people are becoming extra cautious with each passing day.

Friday, 23 January 2015

What Are UV Inhibitors?

A lot is being written about UV inhibitors. What we need to understand is these are special chemicals that have the ability to absorb harmful radiation. UV inhibitors that come with contemporary shade sails absorb harmful radiation and transform it into harmless heat. These canopies are designed such that they have minute holes that allow hot air to escape.

shade sails

Most of the energy rich electromagnetic radiation from the sun is absorbed by a layer in the Earth’s atmosphere. In fact not more than six percent of UV rays actually reach the Earth’s surface. But then this 6 percent is enough to cause large scale damage to living beings.

The use of UV inhibitors on commercial shade sails has become common. Most top grade shade sail solution providers in Los Angeles offer viable solutions. There are some like Got Shade that offer turnkey shade sails Los Angeles solutions. This includes, design, fabrication, engineering and installation.

The Use of UV inhibitors on shade sails have changed things to a great extent. People are installing these shades outside homes, on terraces and patios, sand pits and even public play areas.

Friday, 9 January 2015

Home Improvement Guys Can Do Better Shades

Shade sail installation should be done by a professional for proper installation and better design. Therefore it is advisable to hire a professional to get the task done.

Why should installation crew be hired?

Better design

Professionals have years of experience in the industry. They know what type of shading structure will go well with a particular architecture. Therefore you can add a beautiful design to the architecture of a house with the help of home improvement guys.

More suitable shading solution

People in Los Angeles prefer shade sail installers because they feel that professionals can guide them in choosing the right type of shading solution. These professionals can recommend the right type of shading tool to suit the needs of a client. This helps in choosing the right shade sail and making the most out of it.

Less chance of failure

There is less chance of shade structure failing because it has been done by people who have thorough knowledge about the whole installation process. Some shade sail installers in Los Angeles also offer regular maintenance as a part of the installation package. Professionals also help in doing the installation in less amount of time because they have the expertise and tools to complete a project in minimum time possible. 

Saturday, 20 December 2014

Shade Sails Have Become A Must For Pools

Shade sail is a versatile shading structure that is used for diverse purposes. The shading tool is popularly used for covering swimming pools.

Installation techniques for pool shade sails

It can be used in two different manners to cover a pool. In one type of manner, a shade is installed in a similar fashion as it is used for creating a shed. Therefore shade sail installed in this manner is well above the level of the water. In another installation technique, the shading fabric is used just above the surface of water. Both the type of installation technique is used for putting up the product.

Benefits of shade structure installation over a swimming pool

Shade sails are used for covering swimming pools for a number of reasons. The primary factor for their use is to prevent water from getting heated on direct exposure to sunlight. Besides preventing water from getting warm, commercial shade sails also help in keeping leaves and other types and other types of pollutants away from the pool. They shading products can be easily removed when water needs to be exposed to sunlight. It is necessary to expose swimming pool water to sunlight on a regular basis to sunlight in order to kill germs.

commercial shade sails

Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Why Is It Necessary To Create Outdoor Sails?

Outdoor shade sails are quite common in Los Angeles. The shading structure has become a necessity these days. These structures can be seen both at residential and commercial facilities.

Outdoor shade sails

Why is it necessary to create outdoor sails?

Be protected from skin diseases

A special type of shade sails is available for providing complete protection from ultra violet rays (UV rays). Therefore people taking rest under such shades will be protected from the harmful rays and therefore from a number of skin diseases that are caused due to exposure to these rays.

Get cool shade

Protection from UV rays is not the only function of a shade sail. These shading structures are also effective in casting cool shade. Fabrics used for making these shading tools are breathable in nature. Therefore you can get cool shade by installing these sails.

Create affordable and useful carport

If you want to create an affordable and use fulcar port, you opt for commercial grade shade sails. These products are among the best available in the market. Car ports made of these tools are not only effective as well as durable. In LosAngeles shade sails are widely used for making car ports.

You may get these useful tools for your garden or car port.

Thursday, 4 December 2014

Consult A Professional Shade Installer

professional shade sail

Shade sail is a simple shading structure that can be installed by anyone. Though installing shade sail is easy to do, not every type of installation can be done by a layman. In case of complex installations it is recommended to hire a professional.
Why should you look at hiring a professional?
Proper installation, appealing look
A professional shade sail installer has prior experience in doing the task. The person can suggest you the right type of shade sail as per your need. He/she can also help in choosing the right anchor points. Therefore the installation can be done in the right manner. This also results in beautiful look of the shade sail in the given setting.
Lesser chance of failure
Shade sails installed by professionals have the least chance of failing. Since the task is done by someone who has proper training and experience in the task, there is lesser chance of any component coming off. 
Lesser installation time
Besides proper installation and lesser chance of failure, one can also save a lot of time by hiring or consulting a professional crew. These people can do the task in a couple of hours and the shed will be ready to use instantly. Shade sails installers are quite common in Las Vegas.

Monday, 1 December 2014

Outdoor Living: Shade Sails!

We all love to spend time at home and there is hardly someone who doesn’t enjoy the concept of outdoor living. It really is so romantic to have an extended outdoor living area. Fancy cottages have swimming pools and sun decks and there are others who have badminton courts within their private living grounds. But even if you have a tiny open courtyard or a small lawn, there’s so much you can do to spruce it up, five star style!

There are plenty of options as to how you can add a special touch to an extended veranda. Commercial shade sails installers and home improvement professionals will always advise you to invest prudently. For example a solution that is multipurpose. A sn proof sail which acts as water proofing as well. A triangular shade sail in an attractive bright color will add to the aesthetic appeal of your space as well. 

Commercial shade sails

Shade sails Los Angeles don’t just enhance the beatific value of your property but block upto 80 percent ultra violet radiation. You get a radiation free outdoor environment. They are useful in the sense that they keep the temperature within the house low as well. This kind of helps to keep the house ventilated and much cooler from within.

Add a couple of nice looking wicker chairs, bright silk cushions and flowering plants and crotons.