Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Poolside Canopies A Common Sight In Vegas Hotels

Poolside canopies are a common sight at hotels and even residential complexes in Las Vegas. These canopies are shade sails installed in a beautiful manner. Though many hotels use giant umbrellas by the side of their pools, sail fabrics are more popular.

Shade sails give a resort like look to a hotel

Shade sails can be installed in a number of ways. So hotel owners use sail for creating a sea resort like environment even if there is no water bodyin the vicinity. With proper shading structure even a common pool can be rendered a great look. Since shade sails are available in wide range of patterns and colors, one has lots of options to choose from.

Shade sails

It covers a large surface area

As mentioned above giant umbrellas are also installed by poolside. Shade sails are more popular at hotels in Las Vegas for a number of reasons. Sail covers a large surface area so more number of people can take shelter under its shadow. You can also save a significant amount of money on your bill if you choose shade sails. These tools can also be installed to cover a pool, if needed, which is not possible with umbrellas.

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