Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Uses Of Outdoor Shade Sails

shade sails

Little did the ancient Egyptians and Romans know that they were actually initiating an era of innovation; that will one day become one of the primary ways of protection from UV radiation? Contemporary shade sail technology has changed traditional notions about these awnings. What began as a humble effort to protect humans from sun and rain has taken on a completely new meaning today. 

Outdoor shade sails can be put to multiple uses, common applications being:

Outdoor carports, swimming pools, play areas, backyard sheds, patios and terraces. Other unconventional uses include shading the entrance of shops, erecting outdoor sun-umbrellas for roadside coffee shops and cafes, setting sun shades in parks, especially over benches and children’s play areas etc. Other uses include using these tensile membrane fabrics to create animal sheds; farm tool sheds, canopies over vegetable farms, so on and so forth.

Provide protection from inclement weather

Besides providing nearly 90 percent protection from harmful ultraviolet radiation, these outdoor shade sails offer protection from rain and sleet. Modern providers commission experts who asses an area and place the shade sail to advantage. That means that the structure will provide maximum shade from the sun during all phases of the day. 

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