Saturday, 1 November 2014

Sun Shade Sails Better Than Umbrellas

Shade sails and umbrella are both quite popular in the United States and particularly in Los Angeles. The shading solution can be seen at many homes and commercial facilities in the city. Though umbrella is widely used for creating shed, it is not as useful as shade sail in certain conditions.

Shade sails cover larger surface area

The biggest advantage that shade sail has over umbrella is that it covers a larger area than other shading solution. They come in different shapes and sizes, therefore one will always find a suitable sail for a specific space. One may also get a custom designed shade sails in Los Angeles.

Withstands strong windy conditions

Umbrellas are not known for performing well in windy conditions. But shade sails are reputed to be better at negotiating strong windy conditions. The shade clothes are made of tough material; therefore they are strong and durable.

Shade sail can be used as mat

You can carry shade sail on excursions and picnics. Umbrellas can also be carried along on excursions but they cannot be used as mats as shade sail can be. Therefore when the weather is pleasant or you have an extra piece of sail, you may use it as a mat.

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