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Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Types of shade cloth

Shading solutions are as good as the materials used for making them. Therefore, shade cloth plays a significant role in determining the effectiveness and durability of a sail shade. It helps when a buyer is aware of different types of shade cloth while buying the product.

Types of fabric used for making shade sails

Domestic shade cloth

This type of fabric has tape filler weaved with the threads. These products are also described as knitted HDPE Mono/Tape. They are effective in creating safe shade by preventing UV rays to pass through their membranes. The shading solutions are available in different levels of UV protection ranging from 30% to 95%.The shading structure gets its name from the facts that they are made for installing at residential facilities. They are not suitable for setting up at larger commercial facilities.

Commercial shade cloth

These shading solutions are used at commercial facilities. They are usually made of monofilament knitted HDPE and there is no tape filler in the fabric. So the threads of the fabric are densely weaved. This is the reason these shade clothes are heavier and stronger than the domestic types. They are also more effective in blocking rainwater and UV rays. In Aliso Viejo, these shade sails are widely available.

Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Different Variety And Designer Shade Sails

Shade sail is quite effective in providing protection from sunlight and rain. They come in different fabric types and shapes.

 Material used for manufacturing 

General type

This kind of fabric is used for general purpose. The material is not completely waterproof. It provides shade from sunlight. Fabric material can block upto 60-70 % of UV rays. 

Waterproof sails

These sails can block water completely. Unlike water resistant type, water doesn’t seep through the fabric. The threads are woven closely. It should be installed at slant angles so that water doesn’t accumulate on the tool this might tear sail or break the tensioning ropes.

Shade for complete protection from UV rays

Certain fabrics are coated with UV resistance material. This type of shade sails should be purchased for complete protection from UV radiation. You can also choose dark colored fabric for increased protection from the sun which are commonly used shade sails in Orange County.

Shade in different shapes

Besides material type, the tool is also available in different shapes are sizes. Some standard shapes are square, rectangle and triangle. You can also get a sail customized as per your requirement.
Choose a sail depending on size and shape of the area where you are installing the tool