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Thursday, 5 February 2015

Need For Outdoor Sun Protection

sun shade sails

Most of us are aware of the fact that there is an atmospheric layer over the Earth’s surface that has the capacity to absorb all harmful electromagnetic radiation from the sun. The development of a small hole in the Ozone layer has had a huge impact on the Earth’s ecology. About 6 percent of the sun’s harmful radiation reaches the Earth’s surface and is impacting life forms in more negative ways than we can imagine.

Evolution and innovation has been a way of nature since time immemorial. Man keeps experimenting and creating stuff to combat or control natural forces. Latest technology enables us to create eco-safe outdoor spaces that are radiation free. That definitely is a giant intellectual leap!

Man has formulated potions from chemicals to create what we generally refer to as UV Inhibitors. These in actuality are ultra violet radiation absorbing substances. People are designing, fabricating and installing sun shade sails for sun protection. Shade fabrics or materials used for creating outdoor overhead sails generally come with UV inhibitor coating. As Americans and people around the world become aware and more sensitive to the problems of sun exposure, these tools will play a major role.

Children especially require extra protection. Most schools, educational institutions and play centers are installing sails. That overexposure to radiation can cause cancer is a major reason why people are becoming extra cautious with each passing day.