Monday, 4 March 2013

How to Install Sail Shades over your Deck?

If backyard is not where you would want your sail shades to be installed, your deck can be a popular option. If you don’t want to hire any professional for installing the sails, you can do it yourself. However, you need to be well acquainted with the steps for a hitch free installation. If you want to know how you can install such a cover over your deck, you can have a look at this blog post.

•    Have a Plan Ready

Have a sketch ready where you have planned out every single detail related to installation, starting from location of the cover to the point where the material will be attached to the roof as well walls. In case you are setting up more than one sail, then plan out in such a way so that they are connected with each other.

•    Go by the Plan

Now start working as per the sketch. Drill holes in the roof and walls where the shade sail is going to be attached. Use eye and rafter bolts near the roof and fasten them together using nuts with washers. Try and use friction connections which will make the system stronger. You can also use lag screws. Pad eyes should be used at railings or walls where the other end of the sail will be attached. Now bolt the pad eyes, eye bolts, etc. to the surfaces where sail shades are going to be attached. 

•    Attach the Sails

Next you need to attach the sail. Join turnbuckles with the eye bolts, pad eyes, rafter bolts and fix them with the ends of the sail. Now install in such a way so that the cover is completely stretched out and there is no scope of sagging.

So follow these tips and you can install sail shades on your deck like a pro.

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