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Friday, 9 January 2015

Home Improvement Guys Can Do Better Shades

Shade sail installation should be done by a professional for proper installation and better design. Therefore it is advisable to hire a professional to get the task done.

Why should installation crew be hired?

Better design

Professionals have years of experience in the industry. They know what type of shading structure will go well with a particular architecture. Therefore you can add a beautiful design to the architecture of a house with the help of home improvement guys.

More suitable shading solution

People in Los Angeles prefer shade sail installers because they feel that professionals can guide them in choosing the right type of shading solution. These professionals can recommend the right type of shading tool to suit the needs of a client. This helps in choosing the right shade sail and making the most out of it.

Less chance of failure

There is less chance of shade structure failing because it has been done by people who have thorough knowledge about the whole installation process. Some shade sail installers in Los Angeles also offer regular maintenance as a part of the installation package. Professionals also help in doing the installation in less amount of time because they have the expertise and tools to complete a project in minimum time possible. 

Thursday, 4 December 2014

Consult A Professional Shade Installer

professional shade sail

Shade sail is a simple shading structure that can be installed by anyone. Though installing shade sail is easy to do, not every type of installation can be done by a layman. In case of complex installations it is recommended to hire a professional.
Why should you look at hiring a professional?
Proper installation, appealing look
A professional shade sail installer has prior experience in doing the task. The person can suggest you the right type of shade sail as per your need. He/she can also help in choosing the right anchor points. Therefore the installation can be done in the right manner. This also results in beautiful look of the shade sail in the given setting.
Lesser chance of failure
Shade sails installed by professionals have the least chance of failing. Since the task is done by someone who has proper training and experience in the task, there is lesser chance of any component coming off. 
Lesser installation time
Besides proper installation and lesser chance of failure, one can also save a lot of time by hiring or consulting a professional crew. These people can do the task in a couple of hours and the shed will be ready to use instantly. Shade sails installers are quite common in Las Vegas.

Saturday, 1 November 2014

UV Protection With Shade Sails


Finding it hard to have a relaxing time in the scorching sun in your garden or rooftop? Try shade sail for creating a shed and your life will be a lot easier.

UV protection with shade sails

Relax in cool shade

Shade sail creates cool shade. Therefore you and your family can have a great time under comfortable shed. The shading solution can be installed at any open space be it a garden, poolside or even rooftop. You may also use it for covering patios.

Be protected from UV rays

Besides creating a comfortable sitting area, you will also be protected from the harmful UV rays under a shade sail. For getting complete protection from the UV radiation, one should but get sail that has UV protection coating. A good quality product can offer protection from UV rays by upto98%. Therefore that tool is quite effective in prevention of skin diseases that are caused by exposure to the harmful rays.

In Los Angeles shade sails with UV protection layer can be bought from any home enhancement shop. The products can also be purchased from eBay and other online stores.One should make sure the maker of the product is reputed.

Monday, 26 May 2014

Summer vacations are impossible without shade sails in LA

Do you know the benefits of shade sails? If yes, you must also understand why you should carry one to your summer vacation.

Here we go:

1.       Are you planning for a camping trip to any of the national parks or beside a lake? Great! Enjoy the best with your partner or families out there. But if it is summer, it will be foolishness to forget the shade sail behind. Well these colorful and versatile canopies are great to offer shade even in the middle of nowhere. All you need is four poles to fix this thing with ropes and anchors.

2.       Stay UV protected during the days. You must have heard of the bad effects of the UV rays and the heat ejected by the sun. There are many such people who have suffered from severe effects of the UV Rays. Some of them have been detected with cancer. If you are a caring parent, don’t forget to carry the shade sail bag wherever you are travelling in Los Angeles for summers.

shade sail

3.       Besides, camping, you can install the shade sails by the sea as well. Get tanned in the sun but don’t stay bare for a long time under it. Remain under the shade sail and stay protected. 

Thursday, 22 May 2014

Planning For Summer Picnics? Don’t Forget The Shade Sails

Shade sails are imperative when you are going out for a family picnic during summers. Besides domestic and commercial utility, the cutting edge shade sails are portable. It is always good to offer good and cool shades to your family, especially kids when you are out of doors for a picnics or a summer camp.

shade sail

As a matter of fact the canopies are made of technologically sound fibres that have the ability to reflect the UV rays and heat. This is incredible and quite helpful for people who enjoy travelling, fishing and going out for picnics with their kids and other family members.

Guys, never forget to get your shade sail bag ready for the next day trip. Along with your luggage, you must add this bag to assure the rest of the family with cool shades during hot summers. Stay protected from the heat and the UV rays, responsible for various skin rashes and even skin cancers. Always allow the kids to play in the ground but make sure that the sun is not that scorching. Stay protected, stay safe!

Thursday, 1 May 2014

4 Benefits Of Using Shade Sails

This is the time of the year when people do not like to spend much time outside in the open. It becomes difficult to spend outdoor with the scorching sun blazing overhead. There is a solution to it, shade sails. This fabric tool can be installed in a garden, rooftop, pool or any open space.

Benefits of using shade sails

Protection from UV rays

A sail fabric is capable of blocking out harmful UV rays ranging from 38 to 98 %, depending on its color and material. So you have a large range of fabrics to choose from.

Be protected from rain

The shading tool is also effective in providing shelter from rain in garden or rooftop. The general type of fabric is effective in drizzle or light rain conditions. You need waterproof fabric for complete protection from rain.

Add aesthetic value to your house

Many people in Palm Springs use shade sail not only for being protected from rain or sunlight but also for adding to the aesthetic value of their house. The shading tool comes in wide range of color and design.

Palm Springs use shade sail

Easy to install and remove

Unlike permanent structures, sails are easy to install and remove. So you can remove it at anytime if needed. They are quite affordable as well.

Monday, 22 July 2013

Shade Sails are Great for Covering your Courtyard

Are you worried about summers? True? Summers in tropical countries can be gruesome, particularly during daytime. Stop worrying and install a cool shade sail to cover your pool and garden in the back yard and make your summer days more exciting and fun filled.

You can get a wide variety of canopies in the local markets. You can also place order via online shopping. You can also order for personalized shade. You will have the liberty to choose color, shape and design of the overhead flanges.

These shade sails are excellent to cover the backyard:

· You must install a shade sail in your backyard. This will cover the open air so that you can easily spend time outdoors even during hot summer days. Some users also install these flanges to cover the pools to keep the water cool.

· The material that is used to make these sail shades are usually permeable membrane. This is the reason why the harsh UV rays are absorbed by this specially made material and instead of that the membrane offers cool shade to users.

You can use these shades to protect the vegetable garden, cars, pools and backyard from both sun and rain. Indeed these shade sails are versatile. visit -

Friday, 24 May 2013

Follow These Steps to Install Your Own Shade

Do you want to install shade sails in your home? Have you decided on the place where you are going to set up your sail? Whether you want to install the sail in your backyard, your patio or in your garden, you can take the help of professionals to carry out the installation. You can either use readymade sails or opt for custom made ones. However, if you are thinking of doing it yourself, you need to know the stepwise procedure that you have to follow. In this blog post, we have discussed about the different steps that you can follow when installing your own shade. 

• After the choice of location is done, make sure you do not place the cover where it might cause any barrier. You must also check that the sunshine is not blocked inside the room. The other fixing points must be selected in such a way so that there is minimum 1 meter of slant, through which the rain water may run off. 

• Check if any cable extensions need to be used by measuring the distance between all the fixing points. If it’s required, you have to attach the shade sails with the extensions before they are set up.

• Use 8mm drill bit and the drill to create a hole where the first eyebolt will be installed. Repeat the same process for other fixing points.

• For all the corners, now attach the steel turnbuckles. For this, you have to clip them through the eyelets and screw them tightly. 

• The first corner will be clipped with the first eyelet. Now you have to take the other end of the sail to second fixing point. Take care to make sure that it doesn’t get soiled. Do the same for all corners. Once the sail is fixed, you need to tighten it properly so that it does not sag or pleat. Even if it sags slightly, you can tighten it by using the turnbuckles. 

Follow these steps properly and your shade sail is ready for use.

Thursday, 9 May 2013

Why Sail Shades Are Popular?

Sail shades are few of the most popular advanced items that can be used in maintaining the households. This item helps in blocking more than 90% of the sunrays, plus it is quite a colorful decorative item that can improve the beautification of houses. Most of the modern people are using these items to keep their house protected from UV rays and to beautify their home environment.

Let us talk about these covers and learn how it helps.

Why It Is Popular?

Enjoying sunny noon in the open is the best way to drive away the stress. Lying under the sun takes away all the pressure from life and offers a chance to re-connect with the environment. However, the increase of the UV element in the sun makes this option less viable every day. Now staying for long in the exposure of sun rays can cause diseases like melanoma, infection, hair fall out, skin ailment, etc. Global warming and destruction of Ozone layer has prevented us from enjoying our noon in the open.

The only option that remains is to protect ourselves from UV rays emitted from sun and shade sails help in this regard. Plus, it improves the look of your house. Sure, you have been buying numerous decorative items to make your house look beautiful and reflect who you are. However, how many of these items can actually serve a purpose other than looking good? These shades offer protection for your family and patio furniture, thereby becoming more than just a decorative item.


These shades are designed by high quality polymer threads. It comes with nylon or metal wiring to keep the fabric attached to the metal fixture. Designers have used multiple layers of threads to develop these items.

Monday, 4 March 2013

How to Install Sail Shades over your Deck?

If backyard is not where you would want your sail shades to be installed, your deck can be a popular option. If you don’t want to hire any professional for installing the sails, you can do it yourself. However, you need to be well acquainted with the steps for a hitch free installation. If you want to know how you can install such a cover over your deck, you can have a look at this blog post.

•    Have a Plan Ready

Have a sketch ready where you have planned out every single detail related to installation, starting from location of the cover to the point where the material will be attached to the roof as well walls. In case you are setting up more than one sail, then plan out in such a way so that they are connected with each other.

•    Go by the Plan

Now start working as per the sketch. Drill holes in the roof and walls where the shade sail is going to be attached. Use eye and rafter bolts near the roof and fasten them together using nuts with washers. Try and use friction connections which will make the system stronger. You can also use lag screws. Pad eyes should be used at railings or walls where the other end of the sail will be attached. Now bolt the pad eyes, eye bolts, etc. to the surfaces where sail shades are going to be attached. 

•    Attach the Sails

Next you need to attach the sail. Join turnbuckles with the eye bolts, pad eyes, rafter bolts and fix them with the ends of the sail. Now install in such a way so that the cover is completely stretched out and there is no scope of sagging.

So follow these tips and you can install sail shades on your deck like a pro.

Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Top 4 Benefits of Shade Sails

Shade sails have many features that come to our help in many ways. There are basically four benefits of these sails, which are mentioned below:

1.    Protection from Unwanted Sunrays

These sails are meant for guarding us from the ultraviolet rays of the sun. Sunlight, especially in summer, makes us feel good. But the UV rays are harmful to our bodies. This is the reason why we need some protection from these unwanted rays. This is where sun shade sails come to our rescue. 

They can be fixed on wooden or steel rods over open spaces to protect us from UV rays. Many people think that umbrellas and sunshade sails do the same work. The answer is – ‘No’. It is because umbrella can protect one or two persons. But in case of these sails, many people can be protected from ultra violate rays.

2.    Provide Colorful Look

These sails come in various colors. They can be installed in your home premises to enhance entire look of the house. In fact, it has already been seen that enhanced look of the house due to sunshade sails increase value of the house.

3.    Protection from Rain

These sails are also used for guarding us from rain. If they are installed in open space, they can protect us from getting drenched in rain water. Here, the shade sails are waterproof, which are intended to guard us from rain water.

4.    Cover of Vehicles and Others

Vehicles need to be protected from unwanted dust, dirt and water. Now, what needs to be done? Vehicles can be covered by using shade sails, which can save the cars to get dirty.

These are some of the aspects and advantages of shade sails that help people in various manners. This is the reason why these sails have become part and parcel of our lives.