Thursday, 28 March 2013

Tips to Maintain the Garden Shade Sail

Garden shade sails help us to enjoy summer evenings without being scorched by the harmful sunrays. But they tend to get damaged after a few months of usage because of the harsh sunrays and weather conditions. Now, we all know that they are not expensive and you can afford to buy new shades after every few months. But why waste hard earned money when you can just maintain them for more time. Not every one of us is aware of how to get this job done. So, here we are offering information on how to maintain the shades and improve their life span.


If you bought a high quality sail then it must have the capability to stretch the material for the sake of better performance. But it is your duty to check that your equipment hasn’t gone shaggy. So, adjust the tension once a month to check its flexibility.


Often stitch of the shade becomes lose because of the wind and rain. Now, these problems can easily be maintained in first stage. So, inspect your equipment closely to check if there are any lose ends. If you find a stitching failure then stitch the garden shade sail on your own to get maximum performance once again.


Check the fabric twice a year to identify if there are any weak spots. By saying weak spots, we mean worn patches, tears, etc. If you find such a place in the equipment, call a professional to path the piece with new threads and fabric. It can be easily repaired and it will cost less than you expect.


Cleaning the shade properly will support all your efforts to improve its longevity. You can use common detergent and lemon juice to clean the garden shade sail. It will offer the equipment a new and shiny look and improve its performance.

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