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Monday, 22 July 2013

Shade Sails are Great for Covering your Courtyard

Are you worried about summers? True? Summers in tropical countries can be gruesome, particularly during daytime. Stop worrying and install a cool shade sail to cover your pool and garden in the back yard and make your summer days more exciting and fun filled.

You can get a wide variety of canopies in the local markets. You can also place order via online shopping. You can also order for personalized shade. You will have the liberty to choose color, shape and design of the overhead flanges.

These shade sails are excellent to cover the backyard:

· You must install a shade sail in your backyard. This will cover the open air so that you can easily spend time outdoors even during hot summer days. Some users also install these flanges to cover the pools to keep the water cool.

· The material that is used to make these sail shades are usually permeable membrane. This is the reason why the harsh UV rays are absorbed by this specially made material and instead of that the membrane offers cool shade to users.

You can use these shades to protect the vegetable garden, cars, pools and backyard from both sun and rain. Indeed these shade sails are versatile. visit -

Monday, 6 May 2013

Things to Consider while Choosing Sail Shade Fabric and Colour

You must keep number of factors in mind while buying sail shades. Fabric and colour must be chosen with care. Here are some useful tips:

Waterproof or Shade

Shade sail fabrics are basically of two types. One kind of fabric can block out sunlight while other type is waterproof. You can choose the correct type of sail shade depending on the purpose for which you need the item. Most standard products available in market are not waterproof, though they might be marked “water resistant”. Remember that there is a difference between the term waterproof and water resistance. If you want a waterproof product, make sure you let the retailer know about your requirement.

Durability of Shade Sail

You must also consider the durability factor while buying shade sails. If your concern is longer durability, you must invest in a good quality of shade sail. A high quality product will not fade, stretch, tear or get dirty quite easily. You can also invest in a cheaper, but a considerable quality shade sail. This will do perfectly fine for a short span of time. 

Is the Fabric UV protective? 

Generally, darker shades provide better protection from harsh sunlight and ultra violet rays. Most standard products are capable of blocking 85 % of UV rays. But a specially made item can block up to 98 percent of the harmful rays.

Choosing a Colour

This is where you can exercise your personal preference. Many prefer neutral shade while some opt for brighter and contemporary colour. You must remember that light coloured items tend to look dirtier only after a few weeks of installation. They will allow more amount of light into the shaded area. A darker coloured sail does not get dirty quite often. You must consider the colour of your house while picking up sail shades. Some people also use shades of different colours to give a dramatic look to their house or garden.

Thursday, 28 March 2013

Tips to Maintain the Garden Shade Sail

Garden shade sails help us to enjoy summer evenings without being scorched by the harmful sunrays. But they tend to get damaged after a few months of usage because of the harsh sunrays and weather conditions. Now, we all know that they are not expensive and you can afford to buy new shades after every few months. But why waste hard earned money when you can just maintain them for more time. Not every one of us is aware of how to get this job done. So, here we are offering information on how to maintain the shades and improve their life span.


If you bought a high quality sail then it must have the capability to stretch the material for the sake of better performance. But it is your duty to check that your equipment hasn’t gone shaggy. So, adjust the tension once a month to check its flexibility.


Often stitch of the shade becomes lose because of the wind and rain. Now, these problems can easily be maintained in first stage. So, inspect your equipment closely to check if there are any lose ends. If you find a stitching failure then stitch the garden shade sail on your own to get maximum performance once again.


Check the fabric twice a year to identify if there are any weak spots. By saying weak spots, we mean worn patches, tears, etc. If you find such a place in the equipment, call a professional to path the piece with new threads and fabric. It can be easily repaired and it will cost less than you expect.


Cleaning the shade properly will support all your efforts to improve its longevity. You can use common detergent and lemon juice to clean the garden shade sail. It will offer the equipment a new and shiny look and improve its performance.

Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Outdoor Garden Shade Sails

Garden shade sails are ideal for outdoor accomplishments. If you are passionate about BBQ parties in weekends and love to spend hours by the poolside, in your backyard then all you need is a cool shade sail. These shades are not only excellent gazeboes, but they are also great for your health.

If you and your family spend hours under the direct rays of the sun, then that might cause skin issues. We all are aware of the fact that what harm, the UV rays are creating these days. Therefore, whenever you are planning for an outdoor gathering, try to have a provision of the garden sun shade sails.

Cool ideas for ideal garden shade sails:

Are you planning for a garden party or any outdoor party then arrange shade sails of few colors. A variety of colorful canopies can create an excellent ambiance. Sails of stunning designs are found in almost all marketplaces and they are manufactured with waterproof fabrics. The designs of these shades are creative and in the midst of simplicity, these shades look incredible. Moreover, often the fabrics that are used in the making of these shades are eco friendly.

Benefits of using the garden shades:

When you are out for an outdoor party, these designer parasols are great help for you and your guests as well.  Staying constantly under the sun cannot be that comfortable. This is the time when people should look for a cool shade, where they can enjoy their drink and have a chat with friends. Therefore, shade canopies are much in demand these days.

While your guests are about to have their foods, they would prefer to rest beneath a canopy. Besides, kids can have a great time under the cool shades of the parasols. The garden shade sails are ideal for outdoor getaways.