Monday, 13 October 2014

Shade Sails Are Better Than Concrete Carports

Gone are the days when people would employ architects to design concrete carports; this is the day and age of shade sails. These are not mere canopies. They are made of shade cloth that is specially engineered to last longer and block Ultra violet radiation. In fact there are certain high quality products that block upto 98 percent of UV radiation. Besides this, there are several other reasons why people are adopting custom shade sails Los Angeles for building private and commercial carports.

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The shaded area remains cool

A carport made of shade sails is way better than a concrete garage. A brick and mortar enclosure is incapable of blocking the harsh heat rays of the sun. Shade sails on the contrary are designed to block UV radiation and keep the covered area cool. Specially engineered shade cloth allows hot air to escape from beneath the shaded area. This keeps the interior of the parked vehicle cool.

Can be removed and re-installed

The possibility of bringing down a concrete carport and building a new one to suit your changing needs becomes a real problem. If you install shade sails, they act as temporary structures but at the same time can easily be removed and re-installed based on changing needs. 

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