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Monday, 1 December 2014

Outdoor Living: Shade Sails!

We all love to spend time at home and there is hardly someone who doesn’t enjoy the concept of outdoor living. It really is so romantic to have an extended outdoor living area. Fancy cottages have swimming pools and sun decks and there are others who have badminton courts within their private living grounds. But even if you have a tiny open courtyard or a small lawn, there’s so much you can do to spruce it up, five star style!

There are plenty of options as to how you can add a special touch to an extended veranda. Commercial shade sails installers and home improvement professionals will always advise you to invest prudently. For example a solution that is multipurpose. A sn proof sail which acts as water proofing as well. A triangular shade sail in an attractive bright color will add to the aesthetic appeal of your space as well. 

Commercial shade sails

Shade sails Los Angeles don’t just enhance the beatific value of your property but block upto 80 percent ultra violet radiation. You get a radiation free outdoor environment. They are useful in the sense that they keep the temperature within the house low as well. This kind of helps to keep the house ventilated and much cooler from within.

Add a couple of nice looking wicker chairs, bright silk cushions and flowering plants and crotons.

Sunday, 16 November 2014

Benefits of a Parabola shade sails


Parabola shade sails are also known as potato chip sails. They are strung in a way that they look like giant wafers. They are very useful and cost effective. And much better than concrete structures!

They cover a larger area as compared to other shades. 

Rectangular shaped commercial shade sails tend to cover a larger space when compared to circular or triangular shades. This is more cost effective because they create larger shades. They are very effective for backyards. Patios, swimming pools, spas and vehicle stands.

Sustain a lot of force

Because of the shape and in most cases size these sails are strong. In the sense they can withstand a lot of wind force and remain steady in inclement weather.

Maximum protection from sun and rain

Because of the bird wing like shape and size these canopies are very effective during rain. The potato chip shape ensures that water does not collect atop the sails and flows off. This prevents the sail from sagging in the long run. This also prevents damage in terms of mold accumulation. All in all a profitable proposition, shade sails Los Angeles are highly recommended. 

Monday, 13 October 2014

Shade Sails Are Better Than Concrete Carports

Gone are the days when people would employ architects to design concrete carports; this is the day and age of shade sails. These are not mere canopies. They are made of shade cloth that is specially engineered to last longer and block Ultra violet radiation. In fact there are certain high quality products that block upto 98 percent of UV radiation. Besides this, there are several other reasons why people are adopting custom shade sails Los Angeles for building private and commercial carports.

custom shade sails los angeles

The shaded area remains cool

A carport made of shade sails is way better than a concrete garage. A brick and mortar enclosure is incapable of blocking the harsh heat rays of the sun. Shade sails on the contrary are designed to block UV radiation and keep the covered area cool. Specially engineered shade cloth allows hot air to escape from beneath the shaded area. This keeps the interior of the parked vehicle cool.

Can be removed and re-installed

The possibility of bringing down a concrete carport and building a new one to suit your changing needs becomes a real problem. If you install shade sails, they act as temporary structures but at the same time can easily be removed and re-installed based on changing needs. 

Friday, 11 July 2014

About Waterproof Shade Sails!

Waterproof shade sails are different from other types of shading structures. They are more complex and come in different types of materials. Vinyl is one of the most popular types of waterproof shade sails.

 Shade sails Los Angeles

Vinyl is the most effective

It effectiveness in preventing water to pass through its surface and longevity are two of the major factors for which people opt for this product. The material is patterned with the help of computer by an expert. The product is available in different colours, patterns and shape. Degree of sunlight penetration is determined by the technique the product is constructed with. It out performs other types of shading solution when it comes to durability. The material lasts more than 10 years, even 15years.

Different installation methodology

Since water proof shade sail is meant to sustain a lot of weight, it should also be attached to more stable supports in comparison to other shading solutions. The poles or existing structures should be robust. You should hire an installation crew that has the required expertise for the job. Shade sails Los Angeles create a appealing roofing because of its shiny, plastic like appearance.

Some shade sails makers in Los Angeles also offer installation service; you may opt for such agencies.

Monday, 26 May 2014

Summer vacations are impossible without shade sails in LA

Do you know the benefits of shade sails? If yes, you must also understand why you should carry one to your summer vacation.

Here we go:

1.       Are you planning for a camping trip to any of the national parks or beside a lake? Great! Enjoy the best with your partner or families out there. But if it is summer, it will be foolishness to forget the shade sail behind. Well these colorful and versatile canopies are great to offer shade even in the middle of nowhere. All you need is four poles to fix this thing with ropes and anchors.

2.       Stay UV protected during the days. You must have heard of the bad effects of the UV rays and the heat ejected by the sun. There are many such people who have suffered from severe effects of the UV Rays. Some of them have been detected with cancer. If you are a caring parent, don’t forget to carry the shade sail bag wherever you are travelling in Los Angeles for summers.

shade sail

3.       Besides, camping, you can install the shade sails by the sea as well. Get tanned in the sun but don’t stay bare for a long time under it. Remain under the shade sail and stay protected. 

Monday, 5 May 2014

3 Top Benefits of Waterproof Shade Sails

Besides UV protection, one of the best features of modern shade sails is they are waterproof.. These are made of fabrics such as Polytex and Sunbrella. Both these fabrics are smart enough to shield users from both rain and sun.

Most users are happy with the quality and affordability of the shade sails made with cutting edge smartness.

Shade Sails Los Angeles

Top 3 benefits of waterproof sails:

1.       Ideal for rain parties: The rain parties are simply impossible to think without the smart canopies. These are not awnings, bust fabrics that are fixed by anchors from one with another or a steel pillar. Rain parties are all about water sports in the pool, dancing and grooving in the rain and taste the yummy barbeque with beer. If there is a shade, guests can take some rest after swimming or during having a drink.

2.       Rest outdoor, even rain comes in: There will be hardly anyone who does not enjoy sitting back in the gardens or balconies during rain. People having the canopies can sit under it and enjoy the rain with a hot cup of cappuccino.

3.       Washable: The shade sails are washable. To clean off the dirt, users can remove those and wash them in soft detergents.