Sunday, 16 November 2014

Benefits of a Parabola shade sails


Parabola shade sails are also known as potato chip sails. They are strung in a way that they look like giant wafers. They are very useful and cost effective. And much better than concrete structures!

They cover a larger area as compared to other shades. 

Rectangular shaped commercial shade sails tend to cover a larger space when compared to circular or triangular shades. This is more cost effective because they create larger shades. They are very effective for backyards. Patios, swimming pools, spas and vehicle stands.

Sustain a lot of force

Because of the shape and in most cases size these sails are strong. In the sense they can withstand a lot of wind force and remain steady in inclement weather.

Maximum protection from sun and rain

Because of the bird wing like shape and size these canopies are very effective during rain. The potato chip shape ensures that water does not collect atop the sails and flows off. This prevents the sail from sagging in the long run. This also prevents damage in terms of mold accumulation. All in all a profitable proposition, shade sails Los Angeles are highly recommended. 

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