Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Uses of high density shade cloth

The relevance of your shade sails primarily depends on the shade cloth they are made from. For example if you are using sails that are meant to provide a shady protective canopy outdoors, it would be pretty pointless to have them if your shade cloth is not UV protected. In other cases, if you are using sails to create a carport, your car is still being exposed to the elements of the weather if it is not waterproof. Hence it is important to understand the dynamics and uses of high density shade cloth before purchasing shades. Read further to know more. 

Woven Shade Cloths

Woven shade cloths are breathable fabrics generally made from UV protected polypropylene. General polypropylene is quite susceptible to the elements of the weather and can easily disintegrate due to exposure to the sun, the UV stabilized kind however is more durable and also protects the user from the harmful rays of the sun. According to shade sails dealers in Los Angeles, high density polypropylene shade cloths are best used outdoors for domestic and commercial purposes such as lounge areas, patios and outdoor banqueting areas. 

Aluminet Shade Cloth

This variety of shade cloth is made from polyethylene coated with reflective aluminum. These high density shade cloths reflect light and heat providing extra cool shady canopies

Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Contemporary Uses Of Shade Sails

shade sails los angles

Shade sails can be used for covering almost any open space. Therefore these tools are widely used at commercial facilities and homes. Some common uses of the shading structure are mentioned below.


Shade sails can be used for creating sheds in gardens. Since shade sails come in different shapes and sizes, there should not be much of a problem in finding a suitable shading solution for your garden, whatsoever dimension.


Pool is another site where you can see shade sails in Los Angles.Sails can be used in two ways- you can either install it by a pool to create a resort like architecture. Shade sails can also be installed over the pool for covering the pool to prevent its water from getting heated due to direct exposure to sunlight. This also helps in preventing the water of the pool from getting filled with leaves and twigs.


This is also a great place for installing shade sails. The shading solution is available in different designs, colors and patterns, therefore they will be adding distinct characteristic to a house. Besides adding aesthetic value to a house, the shading device alsohelps in creating a useful shed. 

Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Uses Of Outdoor Shade Sails

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Little did the ancient Egyptians and Romans know that they were actually initiating an era of innovation; that will one day become one of the primary ways of protection from UV radiation? Contemporary shade sail technology has changed traditional notions about these awnings. What began as a humble effort to protect humans from sun and rain has taken on a completely new meaning today. 

Outdoor shade sails can be put to multiple uses, common applications being:

Outdoor carports, swimming pools, play areas, backyard sheds, patios and terraces. Other unconventional uses include shading the entrance of shops, erecting outdoor sun-umbrellas for roadside coffee shops and cafes, setting sun shades in parks, especially over benches and children’s play areas etc. Other uses include using these tensile membrane fabrics to create animal sheds; farm tool sheds, canopies over vegetable farms, so on and so forth.

Provide protection from inclement weather

Besides providing nearly 90 percent protection from harmful ultraviolet radiation, these outdoor shade sails offer protection from rain and sleet. Modern providers commission experts who asses an area and place the shade sail to advantage. That means that the structure will provide maximum shade from the sun during all phases of the day. 

Monday, 13 October 2014

Types Of Shade Sails

Los Angeles

Buying a shade sail is not an easy task. The biggest challenge one has to face during the process is picking a suitable type because one is spoilt for choice. Every type of shade sails are known for their specialties.

Types of shade sails


This type of shade sails are used for covering smaller areas as they come in small sizes. They are widely used in Los Angeles because they add lot of aesthetic value to homes. These shading solutions can be usually at restaurants and other commercial facilities.

Square and rectangular

If you have larger area to cover, you need square and rectangular shade sail. Though they are quite useful for a large area, they are not much known for their appealing factor. Therefore one should for this shading solutions purpose is more important than fashion.


For balanced between look and purpose people Los Angeles optfor parabolic shade sails. These products are available in amazing designs and can also cover a large area. They are available at almost all leading home enhancement shops in the city.

Since you know about the positives and negatives of all types of shade sails, you should choose a suitable type.

Shade Sails Are Better Than Concrete Carports

Gone are the days when people would employ architects to design concrete carports; this is the day and age of shade sails. These are not mere canopies. They are made of shade cloth that is specially engineered to last longer and block Ultra violet radiation. In fact there are certain high quality products that block upto 98 percent of UV radiation. Besides this, there are several other reasons why people are adopting custom shade sails Los Angeles for building private and commercial carports.

custom shade sails los angeles

The shaded area remains cool

A carport made of shade sails is way better than a concrete garage. A brick and mortar enclosure is incapable of blocking the harsh heat rays of the sun. Shade sails on the contrary are designed to block UV radiation and keep the covered area cool. Specially engineered shade cloth allows hot air to escape from beneath the shaded area. This keeps the interior of the parked vehicle cool.

Can be removed and re-installed

The possibility of bringing down a concrete carport and building a new one to suit your changing needs becomes a real problem. If you install shade sails, they act as temporary structures but at the same time can easily be removed and re-installed based on changing needs. 

Friday, 19 September 2014

Outdoor Shade Sails For Cafes

Whilst outdoor cafes are extremely popular, on hot summer days these places struggle to attract customers, which is only natural. Sitting out in the open sipping coffee and snacking on burrito sounds like a real treat but add a time and date to that and it may not be the case. Just for example how does it sound to sit out in the open on a hot June afternoon and sip your coffee? Most people would agree that this is a terrible idea however it also means a loss for such businesses.

shade sails los angles

But again, the good news according to shade sails dealers in Los Angeles is that many such businesses still continue to thrive during the summers by simply installing shade sails. Bearing in mind that shade sails provide complete protection and coverage against the sun, this is a brilliant solution to a common problem. To top it off, many shade sails are even UV ray proof and water resistant for even greater coverage. Most outdoor cafes have already woken up this brilliant idea and that is quite a relief considering that such local businesses continue to thrive and support the economy even during the hot summer months.    

Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Types of shade cloth

Shading solutions are as good as the materials used for making them. Therefore, shade cloth plays a significant role in determining the effectiveness and durability of a sail shade. It helps when a buyer is aware of different types of shade cloth while buying the product.

Types of fabric used for making shade sails

Domestic shade cloth

This type of fabric has tape filler weaved with the threads. These products are also described as knitted HDPE Mono/Tape. They are effective in creating safe shade by preventing UV rays to pass through their membranes. The shading solutions are available in different levels of UV protection ranging from 30% to 95%.The shading structure gets its name from the facts that they are made for installing at residential facilities. They are not suitable for setting up at larger commercial facilities.

Commercial shade cloth

These shading solutions are used at commercial facilities. They are usually made of monofilament knitted HDPE and there is no tape filler in the fabric. So the threads of the fabric are densely weaved. This is the reason these shade clothes are heavier and stronger than the domestic types. They are also more effective in blocking rainwater and UV rays. In Aliso Viejo, these shade sails are widely available.